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36-year old actuary Gerald Blumenstein despised every aspect of his life. His butterball-esque appearance was unappealing, his dull job unnerving, his cramped apartment uncomfortable, and his love life nonexistent. And yet, not a soul in the world was more petrified of death than Gerald. In fact, Gerald Blumenstein would do anything to avoid dying, even if it meant remaining trapped forever in an existence that, quite frankly, sucked.

Then, one fateful night, while attending a highly unorthodox therapy session mandated by his boss, Gerald Blumenstein died. Now his life will never be the same.
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Jane Kronick
Life is funny and so is death
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Life Suck, Death Bites is a dark comedy about the inconveniences of daily life and nightly “undeath,” with some romance and a bit of psychotherapy thrown in for good measure. If the three critically acclaimed HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, and In Treatment, could procreate, this novel would undoubtedly be the lovechild that they would produce.